Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Another Day

Well, it's Monday and like most Mondays, I get up and get ready for the day. I usually start by reading the news on the internet. I don't really watch news on TV anymore. It seems to be more half-truths than not.

Being a Christian and a Conservative are both bad today. I read where the Miss USA participant didn't get the crown and they think it's because of her answer to a question. She answered the question, just not the way they wanted it. To her I say "I salute you!". I'm proud to see a young person stand up for their beliefs, even at the cost of your own goal. I pray that my daughter will one day grow up to be unashamed about her beliefs as you are.

Trying to keep away from soft drinks today. Love the stuff tho. But I live mostly on iced tea anyway, but sometimes don't you just crave a good soft drink? Just like a good chocolate chip cookie? Or a good bowl of posole?

So, tried to figure out what to write today and the only things I could come up with was random stuff.

I used to belong to Ravelry, a knitting website. I joined not too longer after my mom died. I took a couple of classes and decided to knit hats for chemo patients. So, I heard about this wonderful site and signed up for an invitation. True, it does have a wealth of information, but....I woke up a few weeks ago and found out I had been banned, along with about 160 others (We all belonged to a group called "the bunker"). Don't really know why. I, and the others from "the bunker" like the young lady who lost the crown, stood our ground for our beliefs. Were some controversial? yes. Were some anti-"whatever", yep. That's ok. I wrote the owner back (and I wasn't exactly sweet, but I wasn't nasty either) and told him that I was fine with it and I could do just as well without him. I honestly don't miss the trolls that came into the conservative groups I belonged to (and I belonged to a lot of them) and cause trouble. The bad thing was, it was the conservatives that got railroaded, not the trolls. Oh, well, life goes on. I hear they are happier without the voices of reason. That's fine, I think most of us are happier without them, too. I think this just makes me realize that this country is turning a different direction. I would never have thought to spew filth at someone for voicing their opinions in like-minded groups. I would never have thought to post disgusting responses to people who ask honest questions or who are seeking advise. Oh well, life is too short for places like that. Actually, I've been doing more knitting than when I was on Ravelry, so that's a good thing.

I see spring is in the air - or in our case - summer. I really hate the heat. With the heat comes weeds. Did I tell you I hate the heat? But, I love having fresh produce! I can hardly wait for homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers. They make such a great salad.
Well, that's about it. Guess I'll post a few pics for you.

This is the sunset as seen from my front porch. Isn't it beautiful. God truly creates wonderful things. This was taken on a trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago.

Did anyone see Marley and Me?? Well, I've got one very similiar. She's a total goof.

This is a picture of a flower from a plant that was given to me after my mom died. Love the flowers and it usually has 2 blossoms at the same time. I'm surprised I've kept it alive this long.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Local Tea Party

Says it all, doesn't it.

Everyone was gathering in the park after walking to the park from another location.

Well, April 15 has come and gone and what a day it was. I never thought I would get out and walk in a rally against big government and rising taxes. I also never thought that my child would participate in such an event. It is truly amazing when you realize that your freedoms, that most all of us take for granted, are being threatened. There are so many issues that the government is working on that is not being talked about in the mainstream media. Yesterday made me realize that I needed to get more involved in politics and start raising awareness of what our children will be facing if something isn't done.

The tea party, I would say was a smashing success! The flags, the Pledge of Allegience, the friendliness of the participants. Everyone was happy to be able to speak. Many thanks to the people who showed their support by honking their horns, waving, giving us thumbs up. Isn't it great to be an American? Below are some more pictures of the rally.

Now onto another concern of mine. There are two bills currently in Congress that will greatly affect anyone who grows their own garden or has their own livestock. The two bills are HR875 and SB425. They are bills that are intended to protect us from food borne illnesses (food safety bills). The bills are too broad and as an individual, if these bills pass, I will not be able to grown my own produce or have my own livestock! What is wrong with this picture? HR875 has 40 sponsors! It is backed by four large food producers that I will not name. So, please people, if you care about what you eat or don't eat, please call your Congress men and women and Senators and voice your opposition to these bills.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, I've basically been teaching myself how to knit and I really enjoy it. One of the things that I have been scared to death to try is lace knitting. So, anywho, some very nice people suggested I try knitting the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence. I went down and bought my yarn (Merino 5 Superwashed wool by Crystal Palace) and got to work. Well, it took me right at a week, knitting at night only and voila! it is done!

I can't wait to make this again.