Monday, November 22, 2010

Balancing Golf Balls

OK, so we had a Sunday School fellowship and some of our friends wanted to play minute to win it.  ( I can honestly say I have no idea what this is).  Anyway, they were playing on a folding table and couldn't get the golf balls to stack.  So, my husband came home, rummaged thru the garage and found himself three golf balls.  No, they are not glued together.  He just sat at the counter and 30 seconds later.............

Oh gosh!  Has it been 2 months since I last posted???  Hard to believe.  Time flies.  I've been busy Christmas shopping the past few weeks and I think I can honestly say that I am pretty much done.  I have my husband left.  My niece and nephew on my side of the family has chosen to get either gift cards or money.  What's the fun in that?  I remember the "good old days" when we could hardly wait to open up packages to see what we were getting.  It may not have always been to our liking, but it was fun ripping open the packages.  What's the fun in opening up an envelope?  Where's the joy for the giver?  I love to take the time and pick out what I think is the "perfect gift" for someone.  Oh well, what do I know????  So, they'll get money or gift cards.  Personally, I think they would have gotten more bang for the buck if they had chosen to receive gifts.  Just sayin.....

So, other than voicing  opposition to how I give gifts for a special season, what else can I write about???  How about a few recipes??  Sounds good.  So let's begin:

Grandma's Casserole

I grew up with my grandmother making this.  I don't know how old it is, but I do like it.  One of those "comfort foods"

Mix well:  2 pkgs. frozen, cooked broccoli
                  1 pkg. frozen, cooked cauliflower
                  1 can Cream of mushroom soup
                  1 can chopped green chile
                  2 c. grated cheddar
                  1 c. sour cream

Bake in 13x9x2 pan (greased) at 350 deg. for 25 minutes

Horehound Candy

I got this recipe from a lady when I was about 12 years old.  Her name was Mrs. Howard.  You can probably find the horehound at natural food markets.  This was my grandpa's favorite candy and I hate to admit it, but I like it too!

Make a strong tea of 1/2 c. dried horehound steeped in 2 cups boiling water in a covered pan.   After 10 minutes strain into a 6 qt.  saucepan.  Add 3 cups sugar and 1/2 tsp. cream of tarter.  Boil to hard crack stage or 300 degrees on a candy thermometer.  Pour quickly into a buttered rectangular pan.  Mark off in squares before the candy is entirely hard.  Break into pieces as soon as it can be handled.  Put about 1 Tablespoon powdered sugar in a paperbag and shake candy gently to coat.  This helps prevent the pieces of candy from sticking together when stored. 

Pesto Sauce

I've tried several different recipes and I like this one.  I don't remember if I altered it or not, but I do like it.

1/4 c. pine nuts
3 cloves garlic
1 1/2 c. basil
1/2 c. olive oil (3/4 c. if recipe is doubled)
pinch of nutmeg
sald and pepper to taste

Mix and puree.  IF, IF, you are planning on freezing this here's a trick.  Leave out just a couple of tablespoons of the oil from the recipe.  Pour the pesto into your container and then pour the oil on top.  It will seal the top and prevent freezer burn.  If you didn't save enough oil aside, go ahead and add a little bit more to cover the top.  It won't hurt it.  Enjoy!