Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Madly Knitting

I can't seem to stop - am I addicted?????  Probably - here are a few things I'm working on.  The bag has yet to be felted, so it looks pretty blah.  I'm working on the strap right now - I have to knit it to 60" and then I'll felt them both and post the final pic when it is finished.

Next up is a bookmark I made for an internet buddy.  I hope she likes it.  I've never knitted something that small (well, do socks count???).  It was fun and it blocked beautifully.  I think I may make a few more.

Next up is a scarf I am working on.  I absolutely love this pattern and have bought a lot more yarn to use just on this patttern.  I think I am hooked on it.  In case you want the name, it's called "Saroyan".  I'm using Cascade 220 superwash and the yarn is a blue/green mix.  I've gotten 2/3 of the scarf done.

So, that's what I've been up to.  How about you??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rantings from a stressed mom

I'm sitting here watching the news and realizing that my country is about to change, and not for the better.  I wonder what our founding fathers would think right now.  I wonder what all those veterans that are still alive are thinking right now - what did they fight for?  I thought they had fought for our freedom, not for us to be enslaved by our own government!  I'm wondering how I'll explain to my daughter that she already owes thousands of dollars to the govt. to help lower the debt that this President and his co-horts have borrowed to put us in chains.  I'm wondering if we will wake up on Sunday and see that we are no longer the United States of America, but the united states of illusions.  I don't care what you think the Constitution says - the govt. was not made to provide and rule over our lives.  It was created to allow us to live in freedom.  Now some people have very negative attitudes about the Constitution - they look at it as a living document.  I think they are wrong.  This country has stood and run well for the past 200 plus years and all of a sudden the document isn't worth the paper it's written on and that our founding fathers didn't know what they were talking about?????  Freedom of speech, right to bear arms, freedom of religion (not from religion), and on and on and on.  How did they get it wrong?  They came from an overbearing government andf we are now going to be back in the same position they were.  The only problem is - we don't have anywhere to go to build a new country!  Congress won't listen to us - they think they know what is good for us.  Obviously we don't know how to eat the right foods, we have to be instructed.  We don't know how to take care of the poor and needy - we have to be told to do it.  We don't know how to give money to charities - the government is going to do that for us because obviously we are as dumb as rocks.   We don't know the best type of lightbulbs to use and if we use the wrong ones, we will be penalized.  Women in their 40's are told not to get mammograms - they're not necessary.  Really?  Really??  Why don't you tell that to my 4 friends who are in their 40's or less, two of which died!  I think we know our bodies better than you.  Are you god?  We soon won't be able to go fishing if the current president has his way - what is wrong with this picture?   Can't drill for oil on our own coasts and land.  Can't drill for natural gas - leases are being cancelled.  So, we are beholden to govts. that don't like us.  What is wrong with this picture.  Thru the years the government has gotten bigger and bigger and dumber and dumber.  We are tired people.  We are tired of being told that we are not an exceptional country and that we are just like everyone else.  Wrong.  We are an exceptional country and we used to have be at the top for helping others and supporting our allies.  Now we are a joke.  Yes, our former president over spent.  I freely acknowledge that.  BUT, I also know that Congress was held by the democrats.  They decided what was going to be spent and how.  I don't think anyone had their hands tied behind their backs when voting on financing the wars in Iraq and Afghanastan.  But tit-for-tat is pathetic.  Rather than trying to cut our debt, we're increasing it because "Bush did it".  Well, fine and dandy - what makes you think you're any better?  In fact, you're thousands time worse.  I would much rather send our troops, who VOLUNTEERED by the way, to fight a war on foreign soil, then fight a war over here.  A few quotes come to mind and I'm sorry if I don't remember who wrote them, but:  "Freedom isn't free" and "You can't borrow yourself rich".  Duuuhhhh!

On that note, I think I'm going to go and call my representatives and congressmen, again.  Not that it will help, they don't care about us - just themselves and the future of this presidency.  God help us all.
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