Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liebster Award

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for the nomination.  Now to the questions and answers:

Christine knows I knit, so most of these questions concern knitting, so let's get started.

1. Natural fibers or man-made? I love natural fibers.  I never really knew anything other than acrylic (man-made) until about 7 years ago when I learned how to knit.  I do like acrylic for some items, like baby hats or something that you know a child will be dragging thru the dirt and it's easy to just toss in the washing machine.

2. Cables or lace?  Can I say both?  Cables used to terrify me, but after I saw how they were done, I am much less intimidated by them. I still get a bit worried when I see a pattern with cables in it, but it doesn't intimidate me anymore.  Lace is something I have grown to love.  It amazes me how you can put stitches together and form beautiful flowing patterns to form something so beautiful that it makes you want to knit it.

3. What is your favorite color or combination of colors?  Well, I used to have just two favorite colors - purple and pink (as a young girl, who didn't??).  Now, well, I still like them both, but I have since added lime green, royal blue, caribbean blue, bright yellow.  I guess I like them all.  Right now I am infatuated with lime green - anything with lime green.

4. Top-down or bottom-up?   I am assuming this is either socks or hats or even shawls.  Hats I prefer bottom-up, just so much easier and I feel like I am accomplishing something when I see those decreases happening.  Shawls, it can go either way, I have cast on 3 stitches and I have cast on over 800.  They both have their appeal, so I can go either way.  Socks - hmm, I'll let you know.  I'm going to be attempting socks this year.

5. Seamless or knit in pieces then sewn up? Well, I guess seamless - I have sewn up very few items and it's not my favorite thing to do, but I do want to make a top down seamless tank for this summer, so I'm hoping that encourages me to expand my horizons.

6. Coffee or tea?  I like them both - just depends on who I am with and where I am at.  I used to only drink coffee if I was at church or at a coffee shop, or someplace I could buy a cup of coffee.  I recently bought my first "real" coffee pot.   I have also discovered peppermint tea.  I really like it and have added it to my collections.

7. What is your favorite season and why? This is the easiest one to answer by far. I grew up in the northern part of the state and we hand a lot of snow and cold winters.  I LOVE winter.  Where I live now I crave cold.  When it's 115 or more outside, I dream of living somewhere that has lots of snow where I can bundle up and just enjoy the cold.  You can always add more clothing, you can only take so much off.

8. What crafts do you enjoy besides knitting?  I've done so many.  I've done ceramics (own molds and a kiln), rubber stamping (own thousands of stamps), scrapbooking (own thousands of stickers), cross stitch (used to own hundreds of patterns and just as much thread).  But really, I've just gotten to where I focus on knitting and I guess baking.  I love to bake and even though you might not consider it a craft, it can be and I love it.

9. What are you reading right now?  I try and only read one book at a time.  Right now I am reading The Hunger Games on my Kindle.  I like my Kindle, but it doesn't make up for the smell or feel of a real book.  As for a real book - I've been working on Atlas Shrugged for a while.

10. How long have you been a knitter? I became a knitter in the fall of 2007 after my mom died from a 12 year battle with multiple myeloma (a blood cancer).  I learned to knit for two reasons - one was to keep my sanity during the pain and loss of someone who meant the absolute world to me and whom I missed and still miss daily and the other was because I wanted to make hats for chemo patients.  I have never looked back.  Knitting has kept me sane thru some really hard times.

11. If you could go anywhere right now, and money was no object, where would you go?  I guess I would say Italy.  Both sides of my family are from there and I would love to take my daughter to go see my family on both sides.  I have never been there and it's always been a dream.  I am very proud of my Italian heritage and I would like to meet my family "in the old country".

My Nominees:

My questions to all of you:

1.  I know some of you knit and some write and some bake and some quilt or scrapbook.  What do you like the most about your craft?
2.   How do you come up with your ideas for the items you create?
3.  Who taught you how to knit, crochet, bake, etc.
4.  How long have you done your craft?
5.  What is your favorite book?
6.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
7.  Many times people talk about role models, who is your role model?
8.  If you could DO anything in the world what would it be?
9.  If someone walked up to you and told  you that you were their role model, what would you say or do?
10.  What are your favorite foods and colors?
11.  If you could use your craft and develop it into a business, would you?