Monday, October 24, 2011

Elongated Stitch Dishcloth

My neighbor asked me to make this for her.  It was a dishcloth that her great-grandmother had for her and she hasn't been able to find anyone to make them for her.  I learned how to make an elongated stitch while learning this.  The dishcloth looks uneven in this pic, but really isn't.   I may have been trying to even it out for the pic and open up the stitches, but it really is square.

Size 7 needles
Cotton Yarn

CO 38 stitches

Knit for 8 rows (garter stitch)
Row 9:  Inset needle into stitch as to knit.  Wrap needle twice, then draw thru the stitch.  Repeat for the entire row.
Row 10:  Knit  row, dropping the extra wrap as stitch is pulled off the left needle.
Knit 7 rows (for a total of 8 knit rows - Row 10-17)

Repeat rows 9-17 to size desired, ending with a garter stitch row (don't end on the wrap row, but the row before).

Bind off