Sunday, September 11, 2011

Star Coasters
By LaDonna Maxwell
Materials needed:  
Left over cotton yarn (app. 100 yds)
Size 6 knitting needles
Darning needle
Cast on 21 stitches
Rows 1-3 knit
Row 4:  K2, P17, K2
Row 5:  K2, K17, K2
Row 6:  K2, P3, K1, P9, K1, P3, K2
Row 7:  K2, K3, P3, K5, P3, K3, K2
Row 8:  K2, P4, K3, P3, K3, P4, K2
Row 9:  K2, K4, P9, K4, K2
Row 10:  K2, P4, K9, P4, K2
Row 11:  K2, K5, P7, K5, K2
Row 12:  K2, P5, K7, P5, K2
Row 13:  K2, K4, P9, K4, K2
Row 14:  K2, P3, K11, P3, K2
Row 15:  K2, K2, P13, K2, K2
Row 16:  K2, P1, K15, P1, K2
Row 17:  K2, K6, P5, K6, K2
Row 18:  K2, P7, K3, P7, K2
Row 19:  K2, K7, P3, K7, K2
Row 20:  K2, P8, K1, P8, K2
Row 21:  K2, K8, P1, K8, K2
Row 22:  K2, P17, K2
Row 23:  K2, K17, K2
Row 24:  K2, P17, K2
Row 25-27 - Knit
Bind off.  
Hide ends with the darning needles.  Block to 4.25 x 4.25


ranchmama said...

Wonderful pattern! I have made up many of these mug rugs, but with a heart.. was looking for other designs and came across your blog. I can't wait to try these stars! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the pattern; I had been trying to make my own pattern and it was difficult for me. This is just what I wanted for an afghan to match my daughter's decor in her bedroom.

Turtleknit said...

Why does so much of the pattern have instructions like "k2, k5" or k2, k17, k2"; why doesn't it read "k7" or "k21" or "knit across"?

LaDonna said...

Turtleknit, the K2 is your edging. All the patterns I've ever seen that have edges do the same thing. I think it's a reminder.

Anonymous said...

What is the measured size of the star? Thanks